The Place of ICT in Learning English Phonetics: A Study of JSS Students

Author: Scholastica Ijeoma Agbata
Department: English Language and Literature
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The rapid growth and improvement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have led to the inclusion of technology into teaching and learning. It is believed that ICT affords many benefits and advantages to the language learner if appropriately utilized. This study investigated the place of ICT in the learning of English Phonetics among JSS students of Anambra State. Underlying the study is the certainty that JSS learners are yet to take advantage of ICT to facilitate their learning of Oral English. The study brought to limelight available tools to be used in learning pronunciation and Oral English. Data were collected through the use of questionnaire using Simple Random Sampling Technique. Voice recorder was also used in retrieving information from Oral respondents. Measures of Central Tendency method –mean score, percentage score, standard deviation, distribution and frequency tables were employed in sorting and analyzing data from the study. The results depicted that ICT is not being used in the learning of Oral English among JSS students in Anambra State. Though, according to the study, few students and their teachers are aware of its importance in the learning of oral English, but are facing so many obstacles which include: non availability of ICT tools, lack of ICT skills, lack of internet connectivity, ignorance of ICT potentials, lack of electricity, constant power failures where electricity is available, time allocation for the duration of oral English. It also recorded some benefits to the oral English learner which involve making learning meaningful, easy, fast, `practical, active, authentic, cooperative and effective among others. Nevertheless, students were discovered to have high positive attitude towards the use of ICT in the learning of Oral English. David Paul Ausubel’s cognitive theory of Meaningful Learning and Stephen Krashen’s ESL theory of Natural Communicative Competence were the theoretical bases on which this study was positioned.



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