Nigeria and the Non-Aligned Movement, 1960-1990

Author: Uwaoma Ikechukwu Nelson
Department: History and International Studies
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

On attainment of independence, Nigeria adopted the foreign policy of nonalignment to any of the two powers blocs that held sway in international politics. The term non-alignment means non-involvement to either of the blocs, east or west; that is political neutrality. It emerged as a concept in response to the cold war between the East communist states led by the defunct USSR and West capitalist states led by the United States of America, which threatened world peace and security just after the horrific Second World War. This work analyses Nigeria’s attitude, conception and the practicability of non-alignment, recommends ways of strengthening its membership and practice of non-alignment in the global assembly of nations. The work would be of immense help to scholars and students in the
course of researching on a related topic. Decision-makers who read this work will use the knowledge they acquire to promote the cause of peace, cordial and equal relations among nations, big and small.

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