Impact of Globalization on the Socio-Religious Values of the Igbo People

Author: Nwaogu Temple Onyinyechi
Department: Igbo, African and Asian Languages
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This work examined the impact of globalization on socio-religious values of the Igbo people. It also aims at giving the description of the Igbo people and at the same time indicating their major characteristics that help them live in harmony. What this implies is that this work juxtaposed globalization with the Igbo socio-religious values to see how it is affecting the social and religious life of the people either positively or negatively. The method used for data collection was oral interview aimed at gaining the opinions of people on the subject matter. The study revealed that as communities of the world with their individual economic, political and religious systems come together, they leave some positive and negative effects on other peoples’ socio-religious values. Some of them as identified in this work include, the development of human persons, expansion of internet services, reduction and abolition of some harmful Igbo traditional practices to mention but a few. However, there are several negative consequences of globalization on the socio-religious values of the Igbo people. These include crushing of the bond of communal life, reducing respect for elders, spread of infectious diseases and so on. Findings showed that, the internet and cable television network channels have helped to expose the Igbo people to things that are not socially and morally good. The findings also show that Igbo people can get useful information that can help them become more knowledgeable on both social and religious matters. The work equally found out that the Igbo socio-religious values like respect for elders, communal ties, honesty, and so on, are being negatively affected by globalization. The researcher recommended among other things that every Igbo should hold tenaciously to the good aspects of their culture and identity. Parents should monitor the kind of things their children watch over the television for proper guidance. This study believed that the negative consequences of globalization on the socio-religious value of the Igbo people will be controlled if the recommendations are followed.

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