Satirical Motifs and Stylistic Features in Selected Igbo Plays

Author: Obidinnu Pauline Afoma
Department: Igbo, African and Asian Language
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Writers alert the audience of the evils in the society through the use of satire. Satirical motif refers to reoccurrence of pattern of idea in any literary work whose stock in trade is to ridicule or mock a person or society by exposing the foolishness and wickedness of the custom or institution or establishment whose aim is to seek for better change, improvement or redress. It is true that some critical works have been carried out in Igbo literature but it is discovered that indepth study on satiric works has not been done, that is why the researcher chose these plays to x-ray satire in the selected works, they are: Osuagwu’s Akuuwa: Egwuregwu lgbo Abuo, Anowai’s kwaa M Na Ndu,
Nwadike’s Okwe Agbaala, Anozie $ lgbeaku Onwu Na-Egbu Nwa Nkita, in order to examine satirical motif, stylistic approach, characterization and comparative analysis of the four plays. Previous opinions of eminent scholars on the topic were reviewed. The researcher adopted survey research method. Libraries, website and textbooks were consulted. The researcher found the following (1) the society are full of fake pastors and many spiritual Churches (2) some wealthy sons abandon their parents only to exhibit their wealth during funeral ceremony of their deceased parents(3) in institution of higher learning some lecturers break the law of the constituted authority (4) modern youths disobey their parental advice and regret their misconduct at last (5) satiric plays are in small circulation because lgbo dramatists shy away from writing more satiric plays. The on coming lgbo literary scholars should be encouraged to write satiric plays.


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