Ethics and Emerging Trends in Radio Programme Presentation: A Study of Brila and Dream FM Programmes

Author: Ilukwe Ebuka Emmanuel
Department: Theartre Arts
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Advances in technology have provided more channels through which people access the increasing amount of information disseminated in the society. Radio has evidently gained more popularity as a unique and effective tool of communication in the 21st century. The growth of radio reflects the improvements in information technologies and the shift of communication paradigm towards a more participatory style of information and knowledge exchange. Radio has
therefore sustained listeners’ interest by offering a variety of content through programming. Thus, programme presentation is becoming much less formal and more conversational hence assuming various approaches, styles and dimensions. These emerging trends in programme presentation have however posed a serious challenge to the issue of ethics in broadcasting as a result of its apparent misuse and abuse by some presenters. This research work therefore focuses on the emerging trends in radio programme presentation and evaluates the possibility of utilizing it within the bounds of professional broadcasting by studying Brila and Dream FM programmes. The content analysis research method was used as a primary source of data while the survey method provided additional materials to the study. The Questionnaire and in-depth interview were used as instruments for data gathering while Onitsha and Awka were purposively sampled. The study found that broadcast programming standards have reduced in recent times due to the
neglect of ethics by some stations and presenters. This has brought about a decline in the educator or moral censor role of the media as deduced from the design and content of Dream FM’s Nnaa Men. The emerging trends in programme presentation was however discovered not to oppose ethics as the study gathered that it can still be applied within decent broadcasting as shown in the concept and content of Brila FM’s Egwu Ekere. The impact of the emerging trends
in programme presentation on the public, as observed by this study, is largely dependent on the concept, design and content of a programme. The study therefore, recommends that embracing of professionalism is the basic tenet upon which the radio presenter can make efficient and effective use of the emerging trends in programme presentation in line with the ethical codes prescribed by the regulatory agencies.

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