Gender Violence and Violation of Human Rights: A Study of Select Nigerian Home Movies

Author: Aniagboso Doris Ogonna
Department: Theartre Arts
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Gender violence and human rights violations are phenomena that have enveloped humanity and have continued to eat deep into the fabric of our society, yet people do not seem to recognise this fact. This Thesis therefore strives to deal extensively on the kinds of violence directed at both men and women particularly as it is portrayed in Nigerian home movies. It is intended that this Thesis will expose through the selected films, the various types of gender
violence and human rights violations being experienced in our daily lives. The selected home movies are: Chidi Tchikere’s Stronger than Pain, Chinny Ahaneku’s Alice My First Lady, Michael Jaja’s Heart of a Widow and Amaechi Ukeje’s Tears of the Innocent. `The problem of this study stems from how Nigerian Home video industry can contribute to the eradication of gender violence and enhance respect for fundamental human rights between the two sexes. This research therefore aims at searching for and identifying those specific problems and prospects likely to be incidental to policies concerning gender in our society. It is also intended to analyse the extent and impact of such problems and prospects for ameliorating them, as it examines closely the status of both sexes (woman and man). Furthermore, it evaluates the extent to which movies; specifically the Nigerian movies (films) address the gender question, and what contributions they have made to gender struggle in Nigeria. Conclusively, the study shows that film through conscientization is an effective instrument for resolving gender issues in Nigeria.

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