Quality Assurance Mechanism in Nollywood Film Production: Obi’s Idemili Seasons 1 and 2 and Afolayan’s the Figurine as Paradigms

Author: Aniukwu Nkemakonam John
Department: Theartre Arts
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Film is seen as an effective pedagogical tool for correcting societal ills in the sense that it presents the people’s cultures, educates and raises critical questions on the norms and traditions obtainable in any society. Therefore, any attempt to misinterpret the intended message of this medium through sub-standard production affects the existential essence of a people. This study presents the problems of filmmakers and film making process in Nigeria video film industry and points out how the divorce of theory from practice has affected professionalism in the industry. It proposes a radical restructuring of the film industry in Nigeria in order to sustain what it has
achieved for further development because of the contributions adherence to theory has made towards quality assurance in recent Nollywood films. To this end, it suggests a fusion of theory and practice in order to sustain growth and development that started in the industry over two decades ago. This will enable film makers in the industry to achieve a viable integration of the whole processes of film making to reach the peak of professionalism. This trend should serve as catalyst for flushing out quacks and amateurs who parade themselves as filmmakers in the industry. The researcher zeros in the study on randomly selected Nigerian Home video films: Idemili season 1 (2014) Idemili season 2 (2014) and Figurine (2009), so as to explore the service of epic and thriller theories to film making in the Nollywood Industry. The aim is to ascertain how these theories can be used as mechanism for sustainability and growth. Case study and content analysis research approaches of the qualitative research method are adopted for the
realization of research objectives.

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