Drama and Lifelong Education: Nnamdi Azikiwe 2010 Children’s Theartre Workshops as Paradigms

Author: Nwofor Stella Uchenna
Department: Theartre Arts
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Nigeria’s educational system has experienced some reforms over the past decades with the intention of achieving an improved academic standard that is holistic. Most of these reforms focused on organizational aspects with little or no consideration for the classroom teaching technique that will guarantee lifelong learning and this has literally frustrated the success of these reforms. The conventional approaches to education are not enabling learners to become
active, critical and literate citizens, hence, the result is the production of inefficient and mediocre graduates with no creative and imaginative abilities. Drama has been proven by drama scholars to be an effective medium of teaching young learners to acquire cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills which will enable them to effectively adapt to their environment, assume their responsibilities as well fulfill their learning goals. Resting on this
foundation, this study presents drama as a pedagogical model that will help address some of the challenges faced in the conventional pattern of learning in Nigeria. The study employed content analysis as a method of studying the recorded texts of Nnamdi Azikiwe University 2010 Children’s Theatre Play Productions. The study critically examines the content of the play and also the evaluation of the children’s feelings and reactions at the end of each performance. The study also recommends drama approach to learning for children to get more involved in the educational process.

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