Theartre in Search of Democracy in Nigeria: A Study of Select Plays

Author: Iwumene Christiana Chibuzo
Department: Theartre Arts
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Over the years, there has been an arduous task of evolving a true democratic culture in Nigeria. Experimentations on proposing the pros and cons of democratic practice appear to be treated with kid gloves as the citizens who should wield power in deciding the state of affairs of governance are treated as spectators. The situation drifts to disillusionment as the citizens are denied their rightful place in governance as usurpers enthrone themselves and their purposeless vision on the populace. The atmosphere so created rings a bell of despair and forlorn hope. This has ignited a spark as the theatre seeks ways to evolve proactive measures to curb this litany of crimes. The study employs qualitative research methodology as the source of data comes from the plays under study and other forms of
the print media. Thus the research examined democracy vis-à-vis the theatre’s search for enduring democratic culture. An in-depth study of the plays in relation to Nigeria’s politics reveals that democratic practice in the nation remains a mirage. The basic tenets of democracy are flawed, fundamental rights of citizens have been made mockery of and accountable cum transparent practices are but luxury in Nigeria. Based on deductions from the findings, the study has established that the theatre’s search for true democratic culture is bedeviled with challenges that the plays under study x-rayed.

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