Child Development Through Drama: A Study of Three Nigeria Plays

Author: Okeke Uju
Department: Theatre Arts
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Drama, even though long acknowledged as a vital learning tool, has continued to be viewed with suspicion by educators, especially at the kindergarten and primary levels. This has undoubtedly deprived children of this vital companion to creative learning in a play-way method. This research work is therefore geared towards studying three children’s plays, viz: THE SINGING BONE, THE DISOBEDIENT GIRL and THE KING’S MARKET with a view to understanding the
lessons they hold for the young. Material and data for this work were gathered through library research, content analysis and extensive review of existing literature. The research re-enforces knowledge in the area of locating drama as a vital learning tool for the edification of the young. Based on this, the study goes ahead to recommend the institutionalization of drama into primary school curriculum as a way of helping the child learn, while playing.

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