Developing the Child Through Animated Entertainment: A Study of Selected Cartoons

Author: Okoye Chukwudi Micheal
Department: Theatre Arts
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Issues relating to the development of the child have and will continue to be treated with keen interest the world over. It is thus not puzzling as to why activities engaged by children continue to create avenues for concern and research. This research work is geared towards questioning upcoming theories on the sensitive subject of child development especially as it concerns the Nigerian child. The study also draws its discourse from the overall psychological situation of the growing child and the fantastic and highly engaging world necessitated by the animated
entertainment industry. The study underscores this development as part of the carryovers of western infiltration and also analyses these social and behavioural trends in relations to the dramatic culture and indigenous educational systems prevalent in most African societies. The study adopts the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. These include in-depth content analysis, review of related literature and participatory observation for proper data analysis and interpretation. The study finds that Animated entertainment, through films, skits and
games like Ben 10, Kungfu Panda and God of War, does enjoy increasing popularity and indulgence among growing children in Nigeria and that though this medium could be harnessed to educate and improve learning, close supervision must be given by those concerned to forestall a relapse in the developmental process. Creative and engaging activities are also recommended for growing children to foster healthy social interaction and responses.

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