Author: Mbakigwe Ogochukwu Maryann
Department: Gudiance and Counseling
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This study sought to determine the effects of Cognitive Strategy on the self image of spinsters in Federal College of Education. Three research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. Quasi experimental research design was adopted. The population comprised 192 spinsters in the 5 schools within Federal College of Education Asaba. The researcher purposively sampled 64 spinsters identified as having poor self image related to spinsterhood by the research questionnaire. A 20 item Questionnaire on Self Image (QOSI), structured on a four point scale of Strongly Agreed, Agreed, Disagreed and Strongly Disagreed, was designed by the researcher, validated by three experts in the field of Education and used for the study. Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Analysis was used to establish the reliability and a co-efficient value of 0.87 was obtained. The mean was used to answer the research questions, while ANCOVA was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings showed that the use of Cognitive strategy, through use of thought stopping, cognitive restructuring and neurolinguistic programming, was effective in enhancing self image of the spinsters. The study also showed that the post-test mean score of spinsters in the experimental group was higher than those of spinsters in the control group, showing an improvement in their self image. Also, it was observed that there was no significant difference in the post-test means score of senior working class and junior working class spinsters. Based on these findings and their implications, it was recommended that lectures and seminars on the dangers of engaging in irrational thoughts and beliefs be often organized for spinsters in higher educational institutions and other work places. Also, school guidance counsellors should adopt The Cognitive Strategy to help their clients discard irrational thoughts and beliefs they may have internalized from their parents, and inculcate in them skills that will enhance self esteem and image.

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