Author: Ogundare Olumuyiwa Ekundayo
Department: Vocational Education
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This study was designed to develop a work-based learning guide (WBLG) for SIWES supervisors of university undergraduates in automobile industry. The study sought answers to five research questions and three null hypotheses were tested. A research and development survey (RDS) design was used to conduct the study; RDS is a survey design that can be administered just once to a given group of people to obtain data for purpose of development of procedures. A questionnaire was developed with five point rating scale and was administered to 82 respondents; 56 in selected 22 automobile servicing industries and 26 lecturers in three universities in Oyo State. The return rate of the questionnaire was 100%. They were collected by the researcher and two research assistants. The instrument was earlier validated by five experts, who were three lecturers, one from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, two from University of Ibadan and two engineers who were SIWES supervisors from the automobile industries. Reliability test was also conducted and the analysis yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.86 which was considered reliable for the study. The data collected were analyzed, using descriptive statistics of means, standard deviation, percentage and inferential statistics of t-test. The findings show that only nine items under auto-electricity were undecided upon, to be included in the tasks for auto-electricity into WBLG; while other aspect of auto-electricity and every item under instructional schedule and time frame required for auto-mechanic works, auto-alignment and wheel balancing works and criteria required for effective evaluation of WBLG and the estimated time of evaluation were decided upon, and accepted as required for inclusion into WBLG for automobile industry. The findings, further show that there was no significant difference between the two sets of supervisors, that is, the university lecturers and the supervisors in the industry, in their required tasks necessary for effective training of WBLG in auto-industries. Recommendations were made for the successful utilization of the WBLG in auto-industries; that Industry-based supervisors should apply WBLG as their skill imparting work-plan for the students training, and that University-based supervisors should also adopt the use of WBLG in guiding, supervising and good assessment of SIWES students. It was concluded that, work-based learning guide will be an effective tool for imparting practical skills and moral excellence to SIWES trainees in becoming competent manpower that are required for the modern automobile industries.

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