Author: Nzemeke Ekenedilichukwu Roland Kenneth
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

In this study, a methodology is proposed towards development of an uncertainty model that includes randomness in the occurrence of daily accidents in a steel mill. Despite the all precautions, steel mill accident is one of the dangerous industries owing to fatal occupational accidents. Accidents are complicated events to which many factors effects on their formation and preventing them is only possible by the analysis of the accident occurred in past (lag) and by straight evaluation of the obtained results. The study present hierarchical poisson distribution analysis method to non fatal occupation injuries in the period of January 2012-December 2013. Work related illness and injuries remains pressing public health issue throughout the world. Therefore, real –time knowledge of the trends of occupational injuries is essential to development of strategies to prevent these events. This study examines the conditions and nature of the occupation injuries in General Steel Mill Company Asaba, Delta State. The information used here was obtained from the company’s safety officer during the years of 2012-2013 and were examined. During the 2 years period there were a total of 730 cases of occupational injuries in this steel mill company. On the average there were 5.64 expected accident in the factory on a daily basis (SD = 2.375). The greatest frequency of injuries occurred in contractors, followed by steel making, roll mill, and coke plant. This highest frequency of injuries occurred due to dangerous working method. A modeled job hazard analysis was initiated into the system. Safe work behaviour (socio technical model) especially for temporary workers could be effective to reduce workers related accidents and injuries.

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