Author: Okoyeh Frank Chukwuemeka
Department: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University

This research work highlights the influence of quenching in different media on the microstructure and physical properties of grey cast iron. The physical properties were investigated using two criteria, namely the effect of ferrosilicon and quenching media. The standard heat treated specimens were subjected to various mechanical tests. Their micrographs were equally taken using metallurgical microscope (CETI.0703552). After the experiments, results showed that at the three quenching media the following specimens gave the optimum values:- 0.1% ferrosilicon, quenched in brine (Yield strength 113MPa, 0.431% elongation, 34.28HRC hardness and impact strength of 1.153 J), 0.1% ferrosilicon, quenched in water (Yield strength 96.93MPa, 0.419% elongation, 29.8397 HRC hardness and impact strength of 1.45 J) and 0.2% ferrosilicon quenched in oil which gave a yield strength of 195.597 MPa, 0.27% elongation, 18.5538 HRC and 2.188 J of impact strength. Study of the microstructures showed that as the percentage of graphite increased, the amount of under-cooling required for the formation of cementite increased and this promotes the formation of nodular/mottled during solidification.

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