Author: Obende Ezekiel Omeiza
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The use of conventional Engineering materials like metals, steel, alloys etc. has been for a long time because they provide the required properties needed by the designer, but fibre composite materials which have good qualities as compared with other conventional materials are gradually being accepted by designers and manufacturers in recent time. These composite structures used in this work have considerable strength, light weight, moisture resistance and good corrosion resistance. In this work, laminated composite structure with different fibre arrangement i.e. CWC having thickness of 3.2mm, WCW having thickness of 2.85mm were made locally using materials that are readily available in the open market. After the composites materials have been produced, the materials were cut into the desired sizes (i.e. 160mm x 20mm, 300mm x 30mm and 200mm x 20mm) for Tensile, Flexural and Fatigue tests respectively, for testing with the help of a diamond cutter. Before testing was done, the materials were soaked in
different solutions for some specified time (aging) to determine the effect of environment on the specimens. Characterization of the specimen was done to evaluate various physical and mechanical properties of the specimen according to the America Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The numerical analysis was also carried out on the specimen. The results obtained were presented in tables and graphs and were discussion accordingly. The composites material has fatigue strength and tensile strength of about192 × 104N/m2 and 18.125 × 105N/m2 respectively compared to 500 Mpaof Steel /Metals.

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