Author: Ekpo Evelyn
Department: Building
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The concept of sustainable construction is used as a basis for enhancing understanding of sustainable construction. Evaluation of Environmental
Policies and Programmes for Sustainable Construction covers the following; concept of sustainable construction, impact of construction activities on the
environment such as; deforestation, pollution, climate change, erosion etc. The aim of this research is to assess the environmental policies and programmes that will help in improving sustainable construction. To achieve this aim, an in-depth literature study and empirical research was undertaken. Here, a survey research method which comprises the used of both the primary and secondary data. Self- administered questionnaires were completed by 119 respondents involved in construction in Umuahia. It was found that political instability and violence can affect the built environment,
also that sustainable construction policy has not been implemented in Nigeria and also that most people involved in construction are not familiar
with the environmental policies and laws in their States. The research therefore concluded with the following recommendations; that environmental policies and laws should be fully implemented in various states, environmental friendly construction materials should be used in construction. The building and construction sector is of key important to the development and well-being of its population. Nigeria can fulfill the demand for a built environment that meets the needs of the people through the application of sustainable construction concepts.

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