Author:Enerijiofi Osahon Elvis
Affiliation:Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The study is aimed at assessing building maintenance management in tertiary institutions. A case study of university of Benin, main campus Edo state. The study identified the nature and type of educational buildings, identifies the factors contributing to maintenance problem, ascertain the types of defects, its locations, causes, and solution to the problems. Lack of maintenance culture of building in tertiary institutions has led to unproductive learning environment. A purposive sampling techniques method was used, direct observations was also adopted for this research with the help of a structured questionnaires distributed among professionals in maintenance department, physical planning unit as well as the final year students in the institution. in order to obtained a clarifications on some variables which needed further in depth investigations. Among the findings are poor design, and workmanship, lack of build ability and maintainability analysis, delay in releasing funds for maintenance, natural effects, natural deterioration due to age, shortage of skilled craftsmen were some factors that contributed to maintenance problem in tertiary institutions.
The study recommends among others Builders should form part of the design team, in order to achieve maximization of project goals for the institution.
Tertiary institution should ensure that their maintenance department is adequately staffed with the requisite manpower and the employees should be
given appropriate training to undertake the task expected of them. The floor finishes and walls of the buildings should be finished with materials that last long, and there should be a constant cleaning of the floors considering the large population of the users. Government and professional bodies should help in the campaign of maintenance culture in tertiary institution buildings.

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