Author:Elamah Daniel
Department: Building
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The construction industry is prone to disputes as a result of the complex nature of the industry. Therefore, the study explores the triggers of disputes in the construction industry. In order to achieve the aforementioned aim, the objectives for the study are: To access the triggers of disputes in the
construction industry, to evaluate the impact of disputes in the construction industry, to access disputes resolution methods available and to identify ways of dispute avoidance in the industry. The method adopted for data collection in the study involved the use of a well structured questionnaire administered to the stakeholders (clients, contractors and consultants) in Edo state. Data collected were subjected to statistical analysis using percentile and mean score. While the hypothesis postulated in the study were tested using spear man’s rank correlation. The result of the analysis shows that failure to appoint a project manager, failure to respond in timely manner, poor management, lowest tender price mentality are among the major triggers of disputes based on the ranking of the stakeholders put together. Also, the study reveal from ranking of fifteen (15) most significant triggers of disputes and test of hypothesis that there is agreement by all stake holders, (clients, contractors and consultants) on the severity rank on the trigger of dispute. Again, the study reveals that the most significant impact of dispute in the industry includes: time overrun, project cost overrun, loss of business viability among others. The study further reveals that alternative dispute resolution method is the preferred method of resolving disputes. And possible ways of dispute avoidance are: proper planning and control, ensuring to check for constructability of design etc. the study recommends that a qualified construction project manager with requisite experience should be appointed to manage construction projects and also since contractors and consultants generally agree on the severity rank of the triggers of disputes, they should work together to ensure that the client gets value for his money.

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