Author:Ezennia Ikenna Stephen
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Government organizations in third world countries like Nigeria proved futile in delivering employee satisfaction. Employee dissatisfaction in consequence generates an array of tribulations which unswervingly affect the organization’s outcome and in return the society. This dissertation spotlights the concern of work over load and inappropriate compensation on the performance of employees. Main objective is to check out that whether better incentive pay plans can bring better work outcomes of employees and by using performance management make the performance of employees efficient and accurate. A survey through structured questionnaire is conducted among low level management. Our findings confirm our hypothesis of decline in performance due to inadequate compensation and extensive work load. Our strong recommendation to enhance the performance of employees is to launch an incentive plan to compensate the employees for their extra work load. It creates a sense of competition among employees which in the long run improves organizational performance and creates job satisfaction and motivates them. The results of the study shows the most important factors why project overload occurs, how it can be recognized by the project members and how it influences important aspects of successful project management like time, budget and quality.

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