Author:Ezeokonkwo John Ugochukwu
Affiliation:Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Quality Control (QC) is a management responsibility which often times is neglected by practitioners in the building construction industry. This is as a result of various factors, among which are, the absence of authentic national standards on building materials, non-availability of quality control
checklists, and the non-implementation of standard codes of practice. As a result, the incidence of collapsed buildings across the country, have been attributed to poor quality building materials especially on concrete works. The study aims at improving the quality of concrete works in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria by evolving quality control checklist and guidelines in the study area. The methodology involved survey design, review related literature, structured questionnaire, Ex-post Facto Design and Laboratory Experimental Design using the Box-Wilson’s Symmetric
Composite Experimental Plan (BM) in accordance with modern Mathematical Theory of Experiments (MTE). Sample size of 198 from a
population of 346 professionals was determined using Yaro Yamani Formula. The sampling techniques involved a purposive and stratified Random Sampling. A total of 198 questionnaires were retrieved an analysed for the study. Furthermore, 50 laboratory experiments were
carried out in the Hot and Warm Humid Climatic zones of the study area as determined by Box-Wilson’s experimental plan. The study revealed among
others that the quality of concrete produced in the study area is affected by the climatic conditions of the area, namely: temperature, relative humidity and non-existence of quality control and production management. Hence, the study concluded that for effective quality control management, there is need to integrate quick checklist in the production process by professionals and other stakeholders in the construction industry. It further recommends that the quality control management guidelines developed and verified in the study be adopted for implementation by construction organizations for effective quality management of the production process. The bespoke methodological approach adopted in this study constitutes a new and pioneering effort in the assessment of the quality of concrete produced in the study area.

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