Author: Nlemuzor Vitalis Ifeanyi
Department: Building
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This research explored and analyzed the health and safety measures in building demolition projects in Imo State, Nigeria. It identified the risks and hazards associated with improper handling of demolition of buildings. These hazards include falling from elevated work surface, exposure to hazardous substances, electrical hazards and being struck by falling objects. The research is aimed at achieving safe demolition methods. It employed survey research method where two set of similar questionnaires were structured and distributed to a total of 115 respondents which comprised 65 site operatives and 50 site management personnel. Out of the total number of questionnaires distributed only 98 were returned and utilized for analysis. Data obtained from the questionnaire survey were subjected to analysis using the following statistical tools; simple bar chart, pie charts, frequency tables and percentages. Means score index and standard deviation were calculated and used to evaluate the effects of safety training, site management and standardization, workers involvement, safety regulation and safety measures during demolition. Again, one-way ANOVA was used to determine if there is any significant difference between the opinions of operatives and managers that health and safety measures are not properly addressed in building demolition projects and that construction workers in Nigeria are not fully utilizing the personal protection equipment PPE provision during demolition activities. It was then found that the high mean values of workers involvement, safety training show that, through good safety training and involving the workers in drawing safety rules, health and safety can be improved in the industry. Also, the lowest mean value of safety during demolition shows that the issue of health and safety is not effectively addressed when carrying out demolition projects and this has impacted negatively on the industry. To ensure that such hazards are properly managed and the potential risks minimized, adequate and practicable measures must be taken before and during demolition work. This is to prevent the accidental collapse of any part of the building or structure, and to ensure that the safety of workers, the public and neighbouring properties is safeguarded. In view of these, there is urgent need for the passage of National Building Code Enforcement Bill so as to enforce the usage of project health and safety plan in all construction works, provision of health and safety regulations for construction work, training of site workers in basic safety practices, and putting into consideration the safety of the entire public in carrying out any demolition project.

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