Author: Okoro Chima Onyebuchi
Department: Building
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This study has appraised the current condition of public buildings in Imo state secretariat and identified the underlying principal causes of poor maintenance of public buildings in Imo State Secretariat and make suggestions and recommendations towards the adoption of effective maintenance policy and innovations. The field investigations focused on public buildings of Imo State Secretariat. About 120 structured questionnaires were administered across some selected ministries of the secretariat and 82 out of the 120 administered were returned and their responses analyzed using qualitative and quantitative framework, besides independence analysis was used to further analyze the identified factors causing non maintenance of Imo state secretariat. Independency statistical analysis of these factors at a significance level of 5% was used to check how these identified factors are determinants of the lack of maintenance culture in Imo state secretariat. The computed X2 value was 73.36 while the critical value of X2 at the degree of freedom of 20 was 31.41.These valued showed that the non-maintenance of public buildings in Imo state secretariat is dependent on the identified factors. The study revealed among others that, there is inadequate building maintenance policy existing in Imo state secretariat but off the existing policies as recorded by some of the respondents, were not adequately followed .The estate/maintenance department does not carry out regular building
inspection on the public buildings to ascertain if there are building elements that require some maintenance works. The study also found out that maintenance works are done on request as approved by the person in charge of disbursing funds and not as the maintenance need arises, thereby delaying works that demands urgent attention. The study recommends the need for maintenance staff of the secretariat to embrace preventive maintenance practice as a high priority rather than adhoc maintenance. Maintenance directors are to oversee periodic inspections of buildings’
conditions and create an inventory of buildings’ components and equipment. There is also the need for a national policy on maintenance to be formulated to protect buildings.

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