Author: Nwabuike Chinedu Charles
Department: Estate Management
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This study was undertaken to identify the effects of Building project abandonment on Real Estate investment in Awka. Building project and its completion serve as a catalyst that not only serve as an engine that energizes every other sector of the economy but gives impetus to the developmental rating of the environment. Data collection for this study is derived from primary and secondary sources; targeted respondents, personal interview, site inspection and personal observation. The population of 543,555, the sample size 397, questionnaires of 400 was printed, 360 were retrieved and the same numbers of retrieved questionnaires were used for the analysis. Tools of analysis used are tables, weighted average and percentage. Major findings of the study were made and analyzed. It was discovered that most of the abandoned building projects in Awka featured one form of environmental degradation or the other. It is
suggested that project manager should be appointed early enough and all the stakeholders such as the government and its agencies, financial institutions, private and corporate investors have special roles to play in making fund available for real estate developer in order to forestall project abandonment in Awka.

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