Author: Afunwa Promise Adachukwu
Department: Business Administration
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

TQM and performance of SMEs in the fast food sector in Anambra State is
empirically under-reported in the mainstream of TQM and SMEs literatures.
Secondly little is known in empirical evidence revealing the TQM principle to adopt by fast food SMEs to enable them to be more competitive and sustainable. These problems have triggered this investigation. Based on these objectives were raised: To determine the extent of which TQM principles affects organization performance of fast food SMEs; and to ascertain the extent of relationship between the TQM principles and competitive advantage of the fast food firms. To address these objectives, research questions and hypotheses were raised. This study is guided by the KRALI model. Primary data were collected via a structured five point Likert scale questionnaire from a sample size of 140. The data collected was analyzed with mean and standard deviation and multiple regression analysis was used to test the hypotheses. The study revealed that the implementation of TQM principles, reasonably affects the performance and competiveness of these fast food firms. The study also revealed a positive relationship between TQM principles and competitive advantages of the firms, with continuous improvement as the highest predictor of SMEs competitive advantage which is proxy to performance. The researcher recommends that fast foods in Anambra should continue to implement the tenets of TQM as this seems to be the precondition for competitiveness and success. Secondly fast food firms should emphasize more on continuous improvement since is the key factor of “Quality” and will make them more competitive and sustainable.

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