Author: Nwoye Paul Maduka
Department: Business Administration
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This work titled Corporate Social responsibility and the Performance of Selected Firms in Nigeria is aimed at examining the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Performance in order to ascertain if it is relevant to the performance of organizations in Nigeria. This led to the formulation of specific objectives as followed: to ascertain the extent to which the selected firms are committed to social responsibility in Nigeria, to examine how involvement in social responsibility affects turnover in the selected firms, to determine if social responsibility cost is statistically significant to corporate profitability, and to evaluate how expenditure on social responsibility can be used to predict profitability for the organizations. The methodology of the study involved the use of Time Series Research Design which covers a period of ten years (2003 – 2012). Product Moment Correlation and Simple Linear Regression were used in the analysis of the data. The Outcome of the hypotheses tested proved social responsibility cost of the selected firms is statistically significant to their turnover, and profitability. Thus, the study concluded that social responsibility was vital to organizational success and therefore recommended among other measures that organizations in Nigeria should endeavour to increase their level of commitment to social responsibility in order to create conducive and enabling environment to operate which in the long run will improve turnover and profitability and as well, enhance their overall performance.

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