Author: Okonkwo Nkechi Eugenia
Department: Business Administration
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The study was concerned with performance appraisal and employee productivity in selected commercial banks in Anambra State. The research was guided by four objectives which aimed at establishing relationship between motivation-oriented performance appraisal, training need-oriented performance appraisal, feedback-oriented performance appraisal and employee productivity. To ensure in-depth investigation, the research administered questionnaire to 101 respondents out of which 98 were completed and returned. Four hypotheses were formulated hypothesis I was tested using one sample t test and others were tested using Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient. The hypotheses tested aimed at finding out if there is significant relationship among motivation, training need, feedback-oriented performance appraisal and employee productivity. The major finding of the research revealed that the performance appraisal in banking industry is feedback, training and motivation-oriented. However, only motivation-oriented performance appraisal has significant positive relationship with employee productivity. Therefore, it was concluded from the findings that the most relevant component of performance appraisal appears to be motivation and when banks align the design and implementation of their performance appraisal to this core element, then employee motivation will increase and employee productivity will be positively impacted upon. Based on the findings, it was recommended amongst others that there is need for awareness and enlightenment programme for top management of banks on the relevance of building in motivation in their performance appraisal systems and process.

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