Author: Ochife Maureen Ijeoma
Department: Cooperative Economics and Management
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The paper examined the agricultural production promotion of agricultural cooperative societies, in terms of enabling access to credit, farm inputs and extension services in Anambra North Senatorial Zone. A sample size of 310 respondents from agricultural cooperatives in Anambra North Senatorial Zone was used for the study. Primary data for the study were sourced through questionnaire and oral interviews while secondary data were obtained from review of related literature. Descriptive methods analysis were such as mean, and frequency distribution table and standard deviation were employed to analyze data analysis. Further analysis was carried out to determine the effect of farm inputs obtained from cooperative and other variables on farm output through the application of Cobb-Douglas Production Function. The findings revealed that most of the credit needs and farm input needs of the respondents were accessed through their agricultural cooperatives. Estimates from the production function however show that credits from cooperatives and household size (proxy for labour) were major determinants of farm output. Thus, in spite of substantial reliance of the respondents for farm inputs, the variable though with expected positive sign, was not a significant contributor to farm output. Major challenges constraining cooperative efforts in agricultural production promotion included inadequate supply of fertilizer, pesticides, inadequate, and lack of government incentives. It is suggested that to further enhance the agricultural production capability of members, the societies must make efforts to increase the quantity and quality of farm inputs and agricultural credits it delivers to their members.

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