Author: Magbo Chinasa Clara
Department: Cooperative Economics and Management
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Cooperative societies are organizations that cares not only about the bottom lines of their businesses, but also about the needs of their members and the quality of their livelihood. The process of being an active member brings its own positive effects. As such the study examined the effect of cooperative membership on the economic empowerment of women in Anambra State of Nigeria. Data were obtained from 375 women cooperators across two senatorial zones of Anambra State. Data obtained were analysed with both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The descriptive tools were used to achieve the study objectives. The tools used include frequency table, simple percentage, mean while inferential models were used to test the study hypotheses. The inferential models used include regression analysis, T-test, ANOVA non parametric correlation test as well post hoc test. Evidence from the study revealed that socioeconomic variables of the respondents are determinant factor for their membership in cooperative society. It was also revealed that women cooperative societies in Anambra State are involved in different economic empowerment activities that are accessible and capable of empowering women in Anambra State. Findings also revealed that economic empowerment activities of women cooperatives have positive effects on the level of entrepreneurial skills acquired by the women cooperators in Anambra State. Therefore, in a bid to strengthen the economic empowerment efforts of women cooperative, the following recommendations are made necessary, the cooperative incorporate adult education as part of their empowerment programme. The cooperative should seek for more innovative skills and programmes that will boost economic status of the women cooperators. Since cooperative has membership effect on income level women should be encourage to join cooperative society if they want to improve their livelihood. Finally, extensions service should be provided with competent facilitators

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