Author: Andeobu Maryjackquiline
Department: Cooperative Economics and Management
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Marketing in this context involves the performance of cooperative societies activities that directs the flow of farm produce from the farmers down to the final user or consumers of such produce. As such the study assessed the performance of farmer’s multipurpose cooperative societies (FMCSs) in agricultural zones and blocks of Benue State, Nigeria. Benue State is popularly known as food basket of the nation because the state is predominantly known for its agricultural activities that produces food for different parts of the country. The study specifically evaluates the capacity of FMCS in delivery marketing services to its members and ascertains the marketing functions performed by FMCS towards effective marketing of members produce. Data were obtained from 306 purposively selected leaders (management committees) of 36 FMCS randomly selected. Data obtained were analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The evidence from the result revealed that, the FMCS socioeconomic profile (years of existence; channels of marketing, type of produce marketing etc) shows that they are capable of delivering marketing services to their members the findings also revealed that the FMCS performed various functions that facilitate marketing of their members’ farm produce as most of these marketing functions are performed to a great extent, but advertising and awareness campaign as well as market survey and market research are not properly delivered as part of marketing functions. The findings also revealed that FMCS efforts are being constrained by many challenges which poses serious threat to their marketing services delivery to their members. So in a bid to strengthen the potentials of FMCS towards effective marketing of members’ farm produce the following recommendations are provide, the government should endeavor to partner with FMCs by providing them with expertise and supply them with productive resources; also the government should design a synergy between Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and FMCS, so that farmers can export their produce to international market which will boost the national GDP. Also the cooperative leaders should design and invest in research and market survey which will boost the competitiveness of cooperative in the competitive environment.

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