Author: Umemeezie Ogechukwu Ursula
Department: Geological Sciences
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Three dimensional seismic interpretations have been carried out in the Ula-field of Niger-Delta Basin area to evaluate the reservoir characteristics of the producing formation and to predict the future performance of the well. The result of correlating the wells across the entire field shows that two potential reservoir were delineated namely N1 and P4. The quality of reservoirs decreases from Well-2 to Well-3, which implies that there is a good reservoir at Well-2 and Well-1 than at Well-3. The average thickness for the productive zone of N1 and P4 reservoirs is 239.37ft (72.96m). The localized faults were interpreted as normal faults which have some features of antithetic fault and synthetic fault. Time and depth contour maps of productive reservoir formations have been constructed using the time read directly from the respective tops of the two horizons and average velocities derived from interval velocities. Results also revealed that prospect zones tend to become thin in the northeast while it becomes thick in the southwest. Analysis of the field petrophysical distribution showed average values of volume of shale for each productive zone ranges from 18 to 32%; average values of porosity ranges from 22 to 25%, and average values of permeability ranges from 414 to 553mD. The total reservoir rock volume is calculated to be 848867.80 acres-ft while the calculated average area of the oil closure is about 3457.71acres.

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