Author: Ilochi Nneka Ogochukwu
Department: Political Science
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This study critically assessed among other things, the nature and implications of the military option adopted by the United States of America on the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan; the impact of the war on the U.S., on Afghanistan and global security. In order for us to achieve the objectives of this study, secondary sources of data were adopted. Information were derived from books, articles, documents, journals, internet sources and magazines related to the study. The Social Learning Theory of Deviance and the Realist Theory of International Relations were found viable in the analysis of the study. In relation to each other, states act only in terms of self-interest and that is what the United States aims to achieve. Thus, the United States of America as a super power used her enormous military, technological and financial strength to wage War on Terrorism in Afghanistan. The study found out that people learn acts of terrorism by imitation, as many of those who engage in terrorism come from well-to-do families; economic deprivation and social injustices are not among the root causes of their actions. Also, the United States did not declare War on Terrorism because it was interested in the security situation in Afghanistan in particular and the world in general, rather she acted in terms of self interest; because the Taliban and their allies engaged in activities that directly affected the U.S. national interest. Thus, the study recommends that for the War on Terrorism to be fruitful, the issue of failed states should be addressed.

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