Author: Ogbuagu Micheal Ikechukwu
Department: Political Science
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This study explores the major environmental challenges faced by Transnational Oil Corporations in Nigeria using Chevron as our focal point. The intense environmental crisis elicited as a result of the operations of Chevron and other Oil Companies has continued to threaten lives and properties of the inhabitants populating the locality. In as much as aspersions were cast between the communities and the TOCs of which Chevron represents in this study, the government has remained weak in the enforcement of justice and maintenance of environmental standard in relation to oil exploration and associated practices that jeopardise the lives of man and several properties. Hypothetically, this study examines the specific character of Chevron and the company’s relationship with host communities. Oil spillage and Gas flaring are the major factors that affect Oil extraction in the Niger Delta Region. The operations of Chevron in the Niger Delta Region a has negative impact on the physical environment of the Region. In line with the foregoing.The study resorted to the use of both primary and secondary source of data collection, which will be deductively posited. We employed Bablewi’s theory of Rentier state as our framework of analysis. The study discovered that the various crises of environmental pollution which has hitherto remained a major issue has been as a result of communicative frustration that lasted over years and insincerity on the part of Chevron to abide by the environmental standard. The study thus, recommends that Chevron should operate with transparency and adopt honest policies that will enable independent monitoring of their activities.

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