Author: Nnaemeka Ifeoma Josephine
Department: Psychology
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The study was on the development of construct validation of Perception of Elderly Abuse scale. Three hundred [300] participants [220 women and 80 men with Mean age of 29.09 years and SD age of 9.78) were involved. The issue of abuse of the elderly has not been adequately addressed especially in Nigeria because it is not recognized as a serious matter. There is a secret cult of silence on the issue of abuse of the elderly. The victims of abuse and others are reluctant to talk about it. The method used in the construct validation of this study includes, the focus group discussion [FGD], use of experts in content validation exercise and the exploratory factor analysis. The construct validation follows three processes of item pooling, correlation matrix analysis and factor analysis. The construct Validity of the instrument was also established using exploratory factor analysis, principal component analysis as the varimax rotation and Kaiser Normalization. The analysis extracted two components from the 35 items which loaded significantly across the components at coefficient greater than .350.The components were psychological abuse and neglect. The result of the correlations showed significant concurrent validity of elder abuse scale with self rating depression scale =0.95 at 0.001.Similarly divergent validation was seen between elder abuse scale and life satisfaction = -0.30, though not significant at .005 level of testing. The FGD (qualitative) has 30 volunteered participants with their ages ranged between sixty (60) years and above. The participants were asked several predetermined questions .The result of the focus group discussion held reveal emerging themes of the commonest abuse that are prevalent in our society. The discussion of the result was done in line with the dominant factors in the study and the need to improve in assessments of elderly abuse in Nigeria.

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