Grammatical Aspects of Code-Mixing and Code-Switching among Igbo- English Bilinguals in Aguata

Author: Ezechukwu Afam Marcel
Department: English Language and Literature
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

This research work, Grammatical Aspects of Code-Mixing and Code-Switching among Igbo-English Bilinguals in Aguata, was carried out to examine grammatical aspects of code-mixing and code-switching – patterns of code-mixing and code-switching found among second language learners of English , and to gain a better understanding of the rules that govern code-mixing and code switching. The types of Igbo-English code-mixing as well as factors that are responsible for it were x-rayed. Some of the highlights of this study included code mixing and code-switching in language acquisition, the grammar of code-mixing, types of code-switching and reasons for code-switching. The study derives its framework within the feature checking theory, a theory associated with minimalist syntax. The research is a quantitative one. Recordings, personal notes and observational data were collected and analysed. The result indicated that code mixing and code-switching are rule-governed and they play many roles in communication. Also, the researcher found out that a bilingual individual unconsciously uses the two languages as a product of the same store house.

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