Author: Kenechukwu Damian Emeka
Department: Religion and Human Relations
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Among violent crimes against women, domestic violence is the most common. Domestic violence is an issue of concern in Anambra State. For as long as human history exists, the family has been characterized by interpersonal violence. This thesis breaks the culture of silence that undermines the reporting of domestic violence against women in Anambra State which may occur in the home and the devastating consequences of such violence on the individuals involved and the society at large. Interviews, discussions, direct observations, critical, historical, descriptive and analytic analysis of secondary materials from journals, theses, dissertations and internet materials were used in collecting data for solving the problem of domestic violence in Anambra State. The following findings were made; the greatest form of domestic violence experienced by women in Anambra State is marital rape; domestic violence contributes a high percentage of marital separation and divorce in Anambra State; the culture of silence and social stigmatization hinder women from giving official reports of violence against them. This work recommends an integrated media campaign covering print and electronic media that portrays domestic violence against women as unacceptable; intending couples should cultivate the virtue of tolerance and the spirit of forgiveness; parents should cultivate high sense of maturity and self control in the presence of their children and finally the need for stiffer penalties on the perpetrators of domestic violence against women in Anambra State.

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