Author: Okolo Benedict Chima
Department: Religion and Human Relations
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The Church as a socio-economic institution has been determinant factor that affects its subjects, making them poor or rich especially among the pivots that hold and direct its affairs. The research sets out to account for the existential poverty of the catholic catechists in the socio-economic system of the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. It establishes that the socio-economic condition of the Catechists is low to compare with their counter parts in Lord’s vineyard of Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. To do this, the researcher employs the aid of literary works of scholars, personal communications and consultations. Meeting and interviewing the catechists in their various area of work give greater weight to the findings. Karl Marx’s socio-economic theory is used partly to establish and address the created inequality of socio-economic conditions among the pilots of the affairs of Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. The Diocese owns means of production, and considering the catechist as a worker, must be paid justifiably. If the catechist and his work in the Church are still essential, the catechist’s socio-economic condition requires inevitable revitalization, otherwise the consequences will rebounds on the Diocese, and the extinction of the catechist with his work is at hand. To avoid this, the research suggests the payment and employment of the catechist from the Diocesan center through the Directorate of Catechesis and Evangelization.

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