Author: Amajoyi Ngozi Grace
Department: Igbo, African and Asian Studies
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The category, adverb is a closed class in Igbo. It has small membership and lacked the linguistic mechanism for expansion. In fact, some of its members are a doubtful set, being more nominal. This thesis provided evidence of clear existence of adverbs in the Qlx dialect of Igbo. The researcher used library materials such as textbooks, journals, and articles. The data available to the researcher as a native speaker of the dialect, and verifying data from other native speakers of the dialect, which have been descriptively analyzed the adverbs have been identified in Qlx dialect. They are qfxma, ugbua, ozigbo, nwayqq, ezie, sqqsq, nso, ngwa, kpam, qma etc. In addition to these, the work presented other means by which the dialect displays adverbial notions. Comparing the findings with specifications in the literature and facts of common knowledge about other dialects of Igbo, there are negligible distinctions in adverbial expressions. However, the researcher clearly see lexical variation which is expected. The researcher concluded that adverbs clearly exist in Igbo as demonstrated in Qlx Igbo and recommended that more dialect – specific studies should be done. This would be a source of addition to the member of substantive adverbs already identified.

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