Author: Georgewill Kinye Oribim
Department: Music
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

The need for the composition of chants, hymns and anthems for use in Orthodox churches in recent times cannot be over-emphasized. Music composition refers to the creation of a unique musical event. It involves conceiving of a piece of music which is an act of combining various structural elements such as sound, melody, harmony and rhythm to produce a logical form of piece, as well as an assemblage of musical notes in succession to form a finished musical work which serves as one of the important aspects of musical arts. This composition of chants, hymns and anthems for Orthodox Church choirs seeks to bring back the art to the setting of the Anglican nomenclature which had gone down drastically and had affected the art of composition negatively. This work contains the hymnodical treasure of the Anglican Church, both in text and tunes. Personal experiences, consultation of articles, books and other composers’ works, form the research background of this thesis. Effort was made by the researcher to create thirty-four original new compositions of ten single chants, ten double chants, ten hymn tunes and four anthems which were subsequently analyzed. Observation and findings were made and solutions and recommendations proffered.

For full copy of this document please visit the digital library help desk.


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