Author: Nnadozie Chibuike Micheal
Department: Philosophy
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The crisis of Africa identity has overwhelmingly been traced to the advent of colonialism. Though, colonialism has ended, and Africans are now in charge of their personal affairs; the probes of poverty, societal degradation, underdevelopment and the likes that the continent is faced with are seemingly perennial. The daunting nature of African identity is based on its expansive and nebulous category that can be contextualized in and approached from a bewildering array of ideological positions. It is this positions that we tried to juxtapose, in order to find a way they can aid in the development of African continent. This work however, goes to give the Africa the confidence, that there should be no need for Africans to give up their right to think for themselves and instead lazily fit into negative stereotypes contrived by those who have little respect for Africa and spare no opportunity to ridicule her. Considering the divergence opinion and theories held about the identity of the African, we shall apply the method of Dialectics. This is to ascertain the clarity in the different theories held about African and her identity and its relevance to the development of the African continent. Africans are by this study, asked not to give up their destiny in their hands in projecting her unique cultural heritage, in such manner that she can face the current challenges of globalization.

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